Y-songs list

  1. You are what I am
  2. You are my sunshine
  3. You broke your promise
  4. You can have her
  5. You can't make a heel toe the mark
  6. You could never be true
  7. You don't know my mind
  8. You give me your love and I'll give you mine
  9. You go to your church
  10. You won't be satisfied that way
  11. You'll make our shack a mansion
  12. You'll never be the same/
  13. You'll never know
  14. You're a flower blooming in the wildwood
  15. You're just what the doctor ordered
  16. You're no longer a sweetheart of mine
  17. You're still mine tonight
  18. You're the best of all leading brands
  19. You're the girl of my dreams
  20. You've been a friend babe
  21. You've been that friend to me
  22. Your cheatin heart/
  23. Your love is like a flower
  24. Your mama didn't raise no idiot
  25. Your old standby
  26. Your tears are just interest on the loan
  27. Your worries and troubles are mine