W-songs list

  1. Wabash cannonball
  2. Waiting to hear you call me darling
  3. Walk in the Jerusalem just like John
  4. Walk softly on this heart of mine
  5. Walkin' in my sleep
  6. Walking down the line
  7. Walking the dog
  8. Washed my hands in muddy water/
  9. Wasting Away
  10. Watermelon on the vine
  11. Way down town/
  12. We can't be darlings anymore
  13. We live in two different worlds
  14. We need a whole lot more of Jesus
  15. We'll be sweethearts in heaven
  16. We'll meet again sweetheart
  17. Wear a red rose
  18. Wedding blues
  19. Welcome home
  20. Were you there when they crucified my Lord
  21. What a friend we have in mother
  22. What about you
  23. What was I suppose to do
  24. What would you give in exchange for your soul
  25. What's Good for you
  26. When autumn leaves begin to fall
  27. When it's reveille time in heaven
  28. When its time for the whippoorwill to sing
  29. When my blue moon turns to gold again
  30. When the angels come to get me
  31. When the bees are in the hive
  32. When the bright lights grow dim
  33. When the golden leaves begin to fall
  34. When the roll is called up yonder
  35. When the saviour reached down for me
  36. When the storm is over
  37. When the wagon was new
  38. When you are lonely
  39. Where did our young years go
  40. Where I'm bound
  41. Where is my wandering boy tonight
  42. Where the old red river flows
  43. Where the soul never dies
  44. Where there's smoke there's fire
  45. Where we'll never grow old
  46. Where will I shelter my sheep tonight
  47. While I'm reading your letter
  48. White dove
  49. White freightliner blues
  50. White house blues
  51. Who done it
  52. Who will call you sweetheart
  53. Who's calling you sweetheart tonight
  54. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot
  55. Who's the world treating you
  56. Whose shoulder will you cry on
  57. Why did you wander
  58. Why don't you tell me so
  59. Why not confess
  60. Wicked path of sin
  61. Wild Bill Jones
  62. Wild horses
  63. Wild mountain honey
  64. Wild side of life
  65. Wildwood flower
  66. Will the circle be unbroken
  67. Will the roses bloom
  68. Will you be lonesome too
  69. Will you be loving another man
  70. Will you be satisfied that way
  71. Willow Creek dam
  72. Willy Roy the crippled boy
  73. Windy mountain
  74. Woody lady
  75. Working on a building
  76. Working on the road
  77. Worried man blues