T-songs list

  1. Take it to the limit
  2. Take me in your lifeboat
  3. Take my ring from your finger
  4. Talk of the town
  5. Take this hammer
  6. Take your shoes off Moses
  7. Tally ho
  8. Teach your children
  9. Teardrops in my eyes
  10. Tell me now or tell me never
  11. Tell me why my daddy don't come home
  12. Ten degrees and getting cold
  13. Ten Years
  14. Tenbrooks and Molly
  15. Tennessee
  16. Tennessee truck driving man
  17. Tennessee hound dog
  18. Tennessee stud
  19. Thanks for all the yesterday
  20. That home above
  21. That how I can count on you
  22. That little shirt my mother made for me
  23. That star belongs to me
  24. The Angels are singing
  25. The beech nut tree
  26. The church back home
  27. The church in the wildwood
  28. The code of mountain
  29. The cuckoo bird
  30. The drunkard's hell
  31. The dust on the bible
  32. The fiddler
  33. The fields have turned brown
  34. The fire in my heart
  35. The gal I left behind me
  36. The girl behind the bar
  37. The girl I left in sunny Tennessee
  38. The girl I love don't pay me no mind
  39. The good things outweigh the bad
  40. The great speckled bird
  41. The great titanic
  42. The greenback dollar
  43. The hobo song
  44. The homestead on the farm
  45. The Johnson boys
  46. The last letter
  47. The last song
  48. The letter
  49. The letter edged in black
  50. The letter I never mailed
  51. The letter that never came
  52. The likes of you
  53. The little girl and the dreadful snake
  54. The lone green valley
  55. The longer you wait
  56. The lord's last supper
  57. The man in the middle
  58. The memory of your smile
  59. The needle
  60. The night I got saved
  61. The old chain gang
  62. The old cross road
  63. The old home town
  64. The old old house
  65. The pale horse and his rider
  66. The picture on the wall
  67. The precious jewel
  68. The road
  69. The schoolhouse fire
  70. The shining path
  71. The shuffle of my feet
  72. The storms are on the ocean
  73. The sweetest song I sing
  74. The unclouded day
  75. The valley of peace
  76. The voice of my darling
  77. The wreck of the old 97
  78. The wreck on the highway
  79. There ain't nobody gonna miss me when I'm gone
  80. There was nothing we could do
  81. There's another baby waiting for me down the line
  82. There's better times a coming
  83. These men of God
  84. They're at rest together
  85. Things in life
  86. Think of what you've done
  87. Thinking about you
  88. Thinking tonight of my blue eyes
  89. Thirty pieces of silver
  90. Thirty two acres
  91. This heart of mine
  92. This is the girl I love
  93. This lonesome old feeling
  94. This morning at nine
  95. This old old house
  96. This train
  97. This world is not my home
  98. Till the end of the world rolls round
  99. Times are getting hard
  100. Tis sweet to be remembered
  101. To prove my love to you
  102. Today I started loving you again
  103. Tom Dooley
  104. Too late to cry
  105. Too much love
  106. Too much Mountain dew
  107. Too sweet to last
  108. Toy heart
  109. Tragic romance
  110. Train Forty Five
  111. Tramp on the street
  112. Trouble in mind
  113. Troubles around my door
  114. Truck driver's Queen
  115. Truck driving man
  116. True life blues
  117. Tumbleweed/
  118. Turkey in the straw
  119. Turn your radio on
  120. Twenty one years
  121. Twenty twenty vision
  122. Two arms to hold me
  123. Two little boys
  124. Two lonely hearts